Earn Diamonds the Diamond-C Way Earn Diamonds the Diamond-C Way

Diamond-C is an innovative project working on the latest blockchain technology, Web 3.0, enabling daily rewards through the use of the SmartApp


About Diamond-C

Why to choose Diamond-C Platform

Diamond-C is a decentralized coin operating on the smart blockchain, where people enjoy daily rewards. Diamond-C has a total supply of up to 200 million, distributed in a way that over the years, its rate can reach maximum levels.

Receiving daily staking rewards from Diamond-C is incredibly simple because the management has introduced a network system to expand the community. This has been planned in advance to ensure that, in a minimum amount of time, we can gain more rewards from the Diamond-C family.

Benefits of Using Diamond-C

Daily Reward

Staking rewards through staking from Diamond-C can be done easily on a daily basis.

Eco System

Diamond verse, Diamond Connect, Diamond Exchange, Diamond Express, Diamond Pay

Web 3.0 & Metaverse

Diamond-C is utilizing advanced technology to deliver enhanced user convenience.

AI Gaming

An AI gaming platform where humans and AI can collaborate together

Our Mission

Diamond-C Coin is preparing for many new projects, demonstrating its dedication to growth and innovation in the cryptocurrency world.

The mission of Diamond-C Coin is to establish a decentralized and user-friendly cryptocurrency ecosystem, where users can easily conduct transactions, earn staking rewards, and achieve financial empowerment. The objective of this mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible to the general public and create a secure, fast, and scalable blockchain network that can be utilized for real-world use cases. Diamond-C Coin places a strong emphasis on convenience and personal development in collaboration with the community.

Diamond-C Allocation

Diamond-C Coin allocation is designed for a fair and equitable distribution, ensuring broad participation within the community.

ICO will end in

Total Supply

200 Millions

Reserve Coins

18% = 36 Millions

Coins Burn

23% = 46 Millions


25% = 50 Millions


  • ICO 10% = 20 Millions
  • IDO 8% = 16 Millions
  • IEO 6% = 12 Millions

Road Map

Coin roadmap outlines our strategic vision, showcasing key milestones and developments that guide our journey ahead.


Diamond-C Coin's imminent arrival on Binance foreshadows a pivotal moment, opening doors to a wider audience and strengthening its foothold in the cryptocurrency arena.

October 2023

Diamond Exchange

Diamond-C is gearing up to introduce its Diamond Exchange by February 2024, ushering in an era of advanced cryptocurrency trading. This strategic move will open new horizons for users and further enrich the Diamond-C ecosystem.

February 2024

L Bank

In April 2024, the listing and trading processes are set to commence, marking a significant step forward in our cryptocurrency journey.

April 2024

OKX Exchange

In October 2024, the process of listing on OK X Exchange is scheduled to commence, opening up new horizons for trading and accessibility within the Diamond-C ecosystem.

October 2024

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